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Retaining Walls Youngstown, OHIf you have sloping land in the outdoor areas of your property and want to construct any features there like a driveway, a patio or deck etc., you would first have to get the space excavated and graded well. That will make the ground level enough to construct those features. However, once you excavate any slopes that will also leave a lot of soil and rocks exposed. This is where it becomes necessary to build retaining walls to provide some support to the landscaping.

American Beauty Landscaping is a company that provides custom retaining walls solutions to customers in and around Youngstown, Boardman, Warren and Hubbard. They also cater to customers in and around Niles, Alliance, Salem, Lisbon as well as Hiram, Akron. The different services they provide and materials they use include:

Retaining Wall Blocks

Retaining walls are typically built using concrete masonry units or CMUs. These modular blocks are structured in such a way that they fit perfectly together to form a very strong and resilient feature. You can use these blocks to build retaining walls of any height and length and this will provide your landscape the support it needs. If you like, you can also clad these blocks with natural stone veneer or brick veneer.

Concrete Blocks

When landscapers are building a retaining wall, they want to ensure that the structure will last long and serve the purpose it has been built for. This is why they use concrete blocks in this feature. These blocks are strong, modular and resilient. They can be used to, prevent soil erosion and to provide support to the landscaping. These are specially engineered walls that can also be clad in brick or stone veneer to enhance their appearance.

Building A Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a specially engineered feature and it is important that only expert stone masons handle this job. They have the skill and the experience to build retaining walls that will be strong and last for a number of years. The company you hire for the job should have experience with building these walls and that will ensure you get the kind of structure you need.

Retaining Wall Design

Many people wonder why they need a landscape expert to build a retaining wall. The fact of the matter is that these walls are specially engineered to provide support to the landscape. While they are functional in nature, they can also be made to appear attractive by using the right kind of design elements. For instance, you can choose to get dual function walls that have in-built seating or lighting factored into the design.

Block Wall

When you want to prevent soil erosion on your property, or if any excavation work has been carried out in your landscape, you can get a block wall built. These walls are built using concrete blocks that are modular in nature. They are strong and can withstand the pressure of a slope and add to the integrity and value of your property. You can hire an experienced landscaper for the block wall construction.

When you hire experienced professionals such as the ones at American Beauty Landscaping, for Retaining Wall installation, you can be assured that the job will be completed to your satisfaction and that you will have outdoor spaces that add to the beauty and value of your home.


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