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Water Features Youngstown, OHEvery landscape is a mix of various features such as plants, shrubs, trees, lawns, masonry features, fire features etc, In addition to all these things, many homeowners also like to get water features installed on their property and there are many different ones to choose from such as fountains, waterfalls, ponds and more.

American Beauty Landscaping is a company that provides custom Water Feature solutions to customers in and around Youngstown, Boardman, Warren and Hubbard. They also cater to customers in and around Niles, Alliance, Salem, Lisbon as well as Hiram, Akron. The different services they provide include:

Water Fountains

Fountains are a very popular water feature and depending on the size of your landscape, you can choose to get either one or more installed. You can opt for a fountain made of concrete, metal or natural stone. Experienced landscapers can provide you with custom designs and will ensure that the styling of the installation matches the styling of the rest of the features in the landscaping. In most instances, a fountain becomes the focal point of the yard or garden and it creates a very stunning look in any outdoor space. If you have a large landscape, you can get a second fountain installed in another area of the garden too.


If you want to create a very unique look on your property, you should consider getting a waterfall installed. These can be custom designed based on your specific requirements and the feature could be made of concrete or natural stone. If you like you can have a well-designed pond at the base of the waterfall and this could also connect to a stream that meanders through your garden or yard. If you are concerned about the safety factor of having a pond at the base of the waterfall, you can opt for a pondless waterfall. This is an ideal installation for homes with kids and pets. This type of a feature is best for smaller spaces as it has a compact footprint.

Backyard Ponds

If you want to create a very stunning look in your landscaping, you should consider getting a backyard pond installation. This feature can be built to your specifications and its location has to be chosen with care. This is especially true if you plan to have fish and aquatic plants in the pond. They would need a certain amount of shade and the one way to ensure this is to get an experienced landscaper to plan and design the feature for you. You can add Koi fish to the pond to create very Zen like atmosphere. The landscape designer can style the pond in the manner you like based on the architecture and styling of your home.

When you hire experienced professionals such as the ones at American Beauty Landscaping, for Water Feature Installation, you can be assured that the job will be completed to your satisfaction and that you will have outdoor spaces that add to the beauty and value of your home.


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